Giuffrida Park
Rules and Regulations

The Following are Strictly Prohibited:

A.  Fishing Without City Permit and State License and fishing on or near the dam;

B.  Boating in the Reservoir

C.  Swimming or Wading in the Reservoir

D.  Pets in the Reservoir or Not Restrained By a Leash When Approaching   Others or in Populated Areas of the Park

E.  Littering

F.  Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs or Other Controlled Substances

G.  Food and Beverages Outside of the Parking Lot and Adjacent Grassed Sitting Area

H.  Open Fires of Any Kind for Any Reason

I.  Walking on the Dam

J.  Rock Climbing and/or Repelling

All persons Shall Obey All Orders and Directions from the Park Ranger/Constable and City Staff

Body Waste Must Be Disposed of in Sanitary Facilities

Park Closes 1/2 Hour After Dusk and Opens at Sun-Up

Other Park Rules and Regulations Must Be Obeyed as Stated in City of Meriden Ordinance Section 150-1



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